Sunday, March 8, 2009

Black list?

I am really tired of unreliable exchange partner. First of all, I can not understand why people do not communicate with. In order to initiate the exchange, should agree before exchange all the details.
Secondly, I am often meeting people who offer themselves for exchanges, but ethey are thinking too much of them selfs, since they are from "rare" countries. They think that if they are nowhere in Saudi Arabia or morocco or another tip of the world, then they have the right to demand a lot but give little or no give! And if you dare to ask such a pre-agreed rules, in the answers to you insolently, that "what you wanted? I am a uniquely country, you should also be satisfied with an empty envelope."
Or, if agreed upon that both partners will send the registered letters at the same time, but after, it appears that this second "uniquely" country, however, decided to wait until receive your letter, and after that maybe you will receive answer. Finally, you spend a fair amount of money and time and your nerves, and if you still get letter to the end, the more it does not offer joy.

I'm really tired of these partners. maybe i should to made black list of my own experience, that someone else would not have fallen into the trap of the same.


  1. Kristiina, if you are having problems with bad traders I would suggest you make the rules: if someone wants to exchange with you, he/she must to send you first, this way you wouldn't be cheated.
    Best regards,
    Sandro in Brazil

  2. Hi, me again. :P

    Firstly, I think you can check it by post office if you sent mail by registered mail. They will let you know is it lost or arrived, of course they may need couple of time. Once the mail arrived after you check - normally have a form or reply letter from post office, you can show him up the reply. And please let him send the mail to you as soon as possible. Same situation, you can advise your partner let you know the tracking number. He/she may kindly show you if it has been sent.

    I like send registered mail if the stamps are attractive, not only the mail is more collectable, when it is lost or damaged, claim it from post office. HAHA, by the way, if normal mail fulfills my demand, it also okay.

    For the unreliable partner, maybe you can check his/her blog and his/her partner's blog did they exchange mail. However, for those new member, really try your luck. Temporary until now, I still believe the Morocco one.

  3. I have same experience about this situation she/he keep me promise, promise and promise I hate such people keep give me anykind of stupid will be good idea to creat "Black list swapper". Lets us take care of that.