Wednesday, April 29, 2009

yeah, another one

Morocco. Yes. I have sent to Morocco swapping partner my registered letter on february 6-th. he promised to send his letter also on february 6-th or so... And.. i have nothink. And he said, that my letter also didn't arrived. But i have tracking number and i am honest. Estonian Post has sent yesterday request to Morocco's post -lets see what they will answer, where is my letter.

And about Morocco collector.. i just want to say to other people, be careful and do not agree to swap with somebody, who has just started with his webblog and offering deal to you. I really hope, that i am wrong.. but i see on his blog that many people has sent REGISTERED letters to him but many of them didnt arrived.. and they has got nothink from him, so maybe here is another rare country cheating... I really hope that i am wrong.

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